Booking Rules

  • Members may book a court up to 7 days in advance
  • Members are encouraged to show the opponents name on the booking sheets.
  • Members playing on a court that has not been booked in their name before going on the court may be asked to leave the court.
  • Members are not allowed to book courts for both sports at the same.
  • Peak times are from 5pm onwards, Monday Sunday for Squash and Tennis Courts.
  • Off-Peak times are for Squash & Tennis courts times before 5pm Monday Sunday.
  • Squash Courts:
    • Maximum 1 peak-time booking per member per day.
    • Maximum 1 off-peak booking per member per day.
  • Tennis Courts:
    • Only three half-hour tennis bookings per member per day


  • Guests must play with a member.
  • Members are also reminded that their Guests must sign the Visitors Book.
  • The guest fee is to be paid on the day
  • If a member is found to be playing guests without paying the relevant guest fee they may be subjected to a reprimand from the club's committee or hearing regarding their actions.


  • Members are encouraged to cancel a court as soon as possible so that the court may be used by other members.
  • Courts cancelled more than 24 hours in advance are acceptable.
  • Courts cancelled within 24 hours carry a penalty if not utilised (re-booked) by another member (see below).


  • Please see the membership rates & benefits section of our website for current restrictions based on your membership category

Penalties & Fines

  • If a member does not show up, cancels a court within 24hrs of the booking date (and it is not re-booked by another member) or books a court for both sports at the same time, 3 times in one month without an extenuating reason. Then their booking privileges will be revoked for 2 weeks. Members will then have 2 months' probation period during which if they do not play on a booked court or if they cancel 3 times during this period with less than 24 hours' notice, then their booking privileges will be revoked for a minimum of one month and they will be fined 20. Booking privileges will only be reinstated once the one month has expired and the fine is paid (when this occurs it will take a day or two for that member to be reinstated). If you have an extenuating reason for missing your booked court please contact Committee Member, Christian Thomas, (details in the directory).

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